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Uncomfortable Hospitality

Dear Renea, I have relatives/friends who are in a live-in relationship & would like to visit me & stay at my home. I was raised with strong Christian values & know this kind of relationship is wrong. Do I accommodate … Continue reading

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Question Tuesday: Who Is My Neighbor?

Every Tuesday morning we come together on Speak What We Feel to discuss various questions regarding faith and life to get to know each other and to sharpen one another, to grow in perspective and understanding. Today’s question is: How … Continue reading

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I Saw His Smile and Knew

I Saw His Smile and Knew for Ginger and David Ciminello incandescent i feel warm looking at your picture like i’m standing near feeling your smile and his laughter and yours and eyes like doors into hearts warm like home … Continue reading

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Conversations on Gay Marriage: Part 2

In Part 1 W and I were discussing the Slippery Slope argument for opposing the legalization of gay marriage, which ended with with W describing his mindset as “old school.” At this point, two others join the conversation, countering the … Continue reading

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