I recently discovered this wonderful quarterly publication devoted to faith in literature and art. Ruminate is great to stick in your bag and pull out on the train or in a coffee shop; while you’re waiting in a restaurant for a friend, or whenever you need a chance to stop and smell the poetry. Ruminate is… well, I think I’ll just let it speak for itself:

Ruminate is a quarterly magazine of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and visual art that resonates with the complexity and truth of the Christian faith. Each issue is a forum for literature and art that speaks to the existence of our daily lives while nudging us toward a greater hope. Because of this, we strive to publish quality work that accounts for the grappling pleas, as well as the quiet assurances of an authentic faith.

It is exactly what it claims to be. Below is a poem I really enjoyed from one of the more recent issues. There are metaphors for Gospel Truth everywhere. But sometimes it takes an artist or a poet or novelist to help us discover them.

Only Fire

We should all be more like the Lodgepole pine,
I decide while walking through Yellowstone in June.
It’s burned canvas green with new stitches—
so many needles shining and engaged.

Perseverance, a stiffened thread
pulled taut through volcanic skin
so sheer it snags open at random.
Geysers vent and spit, evolve
into hissing clouds or a ripple
ferried away down the Firehole River.

But the Lodgepole pine endured,
has a secondary cone, a nest egg
small as a thimble, like a hidden sex
waxed shut in pitch, waiting for the burn.

Only fire can trigger the spring-loaded
lock to release its phoenix—
plumed in smoke, pebbled in ash.
Evergreen, this new forest that waits within.

–Laura Sobbott Ross